Some ANSI C ports of Prime junk

Here you can pick up whatever ANSI C ports I have of old games - both sources and Linux or DOS executables. Just hold down the shift key and click on the relevant link.

  • Chimaera (51.2 KB) gzipped source tarball.

    A highly unusual "infinite" adventure game written by Chris Newall. Builds easily with any ANSI C compiler, but remember to link in the maths library, because the program uses the square root function (i.e. add -lm on Unix/Linux).

    Also provided: a gzipped Linux executable (0.0 KB) and a DOS/Windows one (0.0 KB).

  • Moo (55.6 KB) gzipped source.

    A Moo (a.k.a. Mastermind) supervisor and a very powerful Moo player. I wrote the first version back in 1977 in Algol68, before porting it to FTN a few years later. The game allows you to play on you own, watch the player playing on its own or compete against the player. The algorithm has been improved in conversion to C (hence the increase in the source size compared to the FTN version). Should build without much (any?) trouble using any ANSI C compiler on any platform.

    Or just grab a pre-built executable – a gzipped Linux one (70.3 KB) or a DOS/Windows one (236.7 KB).

  • OX3D (10.3 KB) gzipped source.

    An aggressive 3D Noughts & Crosses player, which I developed in 1976. The player incorporates the knowledge of the three-in-a-plane forcing patterns and quite spontaneously discovered that plane-forks are deadlier than one would have thought. It can offer suggestions and can be made to play against itself.

    If you can't be bothered with building it, you can pick up the pre-built, ready to run DOS/Windows executable (116.1 KB), instead of the source. OTOH for those who have the sense to use Linux, here is a gzipped Linux executable (14.0 KB).

  • Sumeria (12.3 KB) source.

    This is the good old "Govern Ancient Sumeria", also known as "Hamurabe" , with a 1983 ecology re-write. (The more grain you leave in stores, the more rats eat and hence breed; the more rats there are the more likely is the plague to strike -- etc...). Needs to be linked with the math library (-lm).

    And here are the pre-built executables: a gzipped one for Linux (9.5 KB) and one for DOS/Windows (115.5 KB).

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Mike Arnautov (12 November 2020)