Quest is developed by Alex Warren, whose pages at provide a good starting point.

The Quest authoring system runs only under Windows (95, 98, NT). Somewhat unusually, it comprises an interpreter and an optional compiler. That is, the interpreter is able to handle games in two formats: the ASL (Adventure Scripting Language) source file, and the CAS (Compiled Adventure Script) binary form. It uses a Windows-style graphical interface, and supports both mouse and keyboard input.

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The Quest version of "Cloak of Darkness" was written by Alex Warren (

CAUTION: Quest is shareware, though the registration reminders are fairly low-key. There is no charge for the interpreter, so you can develop games (and distribute them in source format for others to play) without paying any registration fee.

The compiler (Quest Pro) is provided only to registered users, who thus gain the benefit of being able to keep their source files private. Registration also provides a full version of the QDK editor, which offers an alternative approach for creating ASL source files.