Language sources and documentation

The A-code language sources tarball acode-12.91.tgz contains the following basic directory hierarchy:

      │                    │                   │
  acdc-12.48              bin             kernel-12.91

All contents of this tarball are licenced under the GPL3 (or later) – see the LICENCE file in the top directory of the tarball.

  • acdc-12.48
    C sources of the A-code to C translator acdc. This translator is used (and built) automatically by the bash advbld script, but it can also be used on its own. Once compiled and linked ("cc *.c -o acdc", which is done automatically by advbld), it will show usage if given -h (or --help) command line option. See acode-c-build.html for an explanation of translator's uses, if advbld is not available or cannot be used.
  • bin
    Contains the following A-code bash script tools:
    • advbld
      An all-purpose bash script for building A-code game executables. See a separate page for a guide to this script's use. If, for whatever reason, you cannot or do not wish to use advbld, there is a separate page explaining how to create game executables from supplied C sources, and another page explaining how to convert A-code source to derived C source. Please note that in order to work, the script must be executed where it is in the supplied directories hierarchy, since it expects other parts of the hierarchy to be in the same relative positions, as supplied in the tarball. The top level directory acode-12.91 can, however, be renamed as you please.
      A library of shell functions used by the advbld script.
  • doc
    A-code documentation in HTML format.
  • kernel-12.91
    A-code kernel C sources to compile and link with derived game C sources created by the acdc translator. The extras sub-directory contains bits and pieces required by specialist build modes (JavaScript/HTTP, library test and QT5).

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    Mike Arnautov (27 March 2023)