The A-code sources tarball acode-12.76.tgz contains the following basic directory hierarchy:

      ┌────────┬─────────┬───┴─────┬─────────────┐    ...
      │        │         │         │             │
     bin      doc    acdc-12.39  kernel-12.76  <game> ...

All contents of this tarball are licenced under the GPL3 (or later) See the LICENCE file in the top directory of the tarball.

Utility sources and documentation

  • bin
    Contains the following A-code bash script tools:
    • advmake
      An all-purpse script for building A-code game executables. See a separate page for a guide to this script's use. If, for whatever reason, you cannot or do not wish to use advmake, there is a separate page explaining how to create game executables from supplied C sources, and another page explaining how to convert A-code source to derived C source. WARNING: In order to work, the script must be executed where it is in the supplied directories hierarchy, since it expects other parts of the hierarchy to be in the same relative positions, as supplied in the tarball. The top level directory acode-12.76 can, however, be renamed as you please.
      A library of shell functions used by the advmake sript.
  • doc
    A-code documentation in HTML format.
  • acdc-12.39
    C sources of the A-code to C translator acdc. This translator is used (and built) automatically by the advmake script, but it can also be used on its own. Once compiled and linked, it will provide usage if given -h (or --help) command line option.
  • kernel-12.76
    A-code kernel C sources to compile and link with derived game C sources created by the acdc translator.

Game sources

A-code game sources. Each of these contains A-code source of the game as well as a subdirectory called C, containing C sources derived by the acdc translator from the game's A-code source.

  • adv770-2.19
    My 770-point superset of my Adv660. Unlike Adv550 and Adv660, this game does not need a separate single-turn/library mode version.
  • adv660-10.11
    My 660-point merge of Lucket's and Pike's Adv440 and Platt's Adv550. Also supplied is a minimally modified version of adv660, compatible with singe-turn and library builds.
  • adv550-1.1
    Dave Platt's original A-code source of Adv550, dated 9.18.1984. Also supplied is a minimally modified version of Adv550, compatible with singe-turn and library builds.
  • cloak-1.3
    My A-code implementation of the Cloak test micro-adventure. (See for other implementations.)

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Mike Arnautov (24 February 2019)