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by Crowther & Woods
C to A-code port 1.8
by Mike Arnautov

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This A-code re-implementation of the Crowther/Woods classic replicates the original except for permitting A-code command parsing enhancements. Thus all command words are automatically abbreviable to the non-ambiguous minimum, simple typos are corrected for command words longer than three characters, orphan processing works and so on. You can use collective nouns ALL and TREASURE for picking, dropping and throwing objects. And you can use IT in a reasonably natural manner.

If you dislike such pandering to players, you can always try playing the game as it was really played back then – at 110 baud! Just run the game in a console window, invoking it with the "-o110" parameter. Other standard console speeds are also available.

Play it now

You can play Adv350 right now, either on a cloud server or, if you are using a robust modern browser, on your local machine (404.0 KB).
The local version works well with up-to-date Firefox, Chrome, Safari and MS Edge, though other browsers may not cope and some ad- and popup-blockers block it for some reason. It runs strictly locally, with no further network access – games are saved in your browser's local storage space. You can save the page locally too, and later just point the same browser at the saved html file to continue playing.

Pre-built versions

The HTML/JavaScript version is obviously architecture independent. The Linux Qt5 build is for 64 bit x86 machines. MacOS build is also for 64 bit x86 machines. All other builds are for x86 32 bit architecture, which at present also works on 64 bit machines.

The current A-code version, used to construct all builds on offer, automatically gives the game a persistent state, even though the game itself offers no such facility. This means that if the game is interrupted in whatever way, on restarting it will automatically restart at the point of interruption, unless a new game is explicitly requested.


Game sources

A-code source of Adv350 can be found in the gzipped tarball adv350-1.8-src.tgz (1.2 MB), or equivalently in the zipfile (1.2 MB).

Both packages also contain sources of the acdc A-code to C trtanslator and of the A-code kernel, used in building executables offered by this page. They also contain game's C-soures, already converted frome the A-code source by the acdc translator and combined with the required kernel sources, ready to be compiled and linked with any ANSI C compiler. Full A-code documentation (version 0.9) and other potentially useful bits and bobs are also included.

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Mike Arnautov (25 May 2022)