Adv770 References

For those who enjoy that sort of thing.
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This is a list of known reference sources in adv770, sorted by the game version in which they first appeared. The list includes information from the authors of Adv440 and Adv550. If you want a little nudge, just hover with the mouse over an entry in the right-hand column.

Inherited from the original 350pt version:
       Monty Python, the TV series       
Inherited from Luckett and Pike's adv440:
       None -- it didn't have any additional references.
Inherited from Dave Platt's adv550:
       Monty Python, the TV series       
       The Prisoner, the TV series       
       Stephen Donaldson       
       Michael Moorcock       
       Omar Khayam       
       Robert Heinlein       
       Spider Robinson       
       Keith Laumer       
       Meatball Fulton       
       Alexei Panshin       
       Woody Allen       
Inherited from my adv660:
       Startrek, the computer game       
       Zork, the computer game       
       Essex MUD       
       Lewis Carrol       
       Jules Verne       
New in adv770:
       Startrek, the TV series       
       Gilbert and Sullivan       
       Monkey Island, the computer game       
       Terry Pratchett       
       Tom Stoppard       
       Vera Lynn       
       Robert Bolt/David Lean       
       Edward Thomas       
       Dr. Samuel Johnson       
       Ural fairy tales       
       Zork, the computer game       
       Louis de Bernieres       
       Lord Tennyson       
       John Lennon       
       Fred Hoyle       
       Friedrich Nietzsche       
       Micheal Moorcock       
       S. Morgenstern       
       John Whitman       
       Henry Reed       
       Lewis Carroll       
       Gregory Chaitin       
       Donald Rumsfeld       
       James Hilton       

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Mike Arnautov (25 December 2016)