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Cloak, version 1.3

Mike Arnautov, 20 Nov 2009

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Please see Roger Frith's site for implementations of the demo game in other Adventure authoring systems.

Play it now

You can play Cloak right now, either on a cloud server or, if you are using a robust modern browser, on your local machine (806.3 KB).
The local version works well with up-to-date Firefox, Chrome, Safari and MS Edge, though other browsers may not cope and some ad- and popup-blockers block it for some reason. It runs strictly locally, with no further network access – games are saved in your browser's local storage space. You can save the page locally too, and later just point the same browser at the saved html file to continue playing.

Pre-built versions


Game sources

The gzipped tarball cloaka.tgz (9.7 KB) contains the A-code sources of Cloak. Follow this link for an explanation of the process of creating a game executable from its A-code source. Even if you don't need things being explained to you, you may still need to pick up the the C sources of the acdc translator and of the A-code kernel. Both are to be found within this gzipped tarball: acode-12.74.tgz (1.0 MB)

Derived C sources

The gzipped tarball cloakc.tgz (69.6 KB) contains the ANSI C source files and header files, derived by my acdc A-code-to-C translator from the Cloak A-code source. The basic build is trivial: just compile and link the lot using an ANSI C compiler, and you'll have a fully functional cloak executable, defaulting to browser display. However, in the console mode (as opposed to the browser one) this executable won't support command history or editing, nor will it be windows-aware. Follow this link if you need instructions for building less "dumb" console executables from the same C source.

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