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This site does not presume to mirror the mighty Interactive Fiction Archive, and hence adventures offered for download here, are restricted to those in which I feel to have a personal stake, however small.

Pre-built executables are provided in most cases for both Linux, and DOS/Windows. For A-code based games (Adv550, Adv660 and Adv770) MacOS packages and HTML5/Javascript builds are included as well. Also available are all game game and A-code sources from which executables can be built on these or other platforms.

Adventure 350 My A-code re-implementation of the Crowther/Woods classic original Adventure. Why? Because, why not? It was a fun exercise.
Adventure 550 Dave Platt's popular superset of the original Adventure. Unlike other imlpementations, this version uses Platt's original, unmodified A-code source and preserves all original text formatting.
Adventure 580 Mike Goetz's A-code expansion of Platt's Adv550, built from 1987 A-code source, from which legal notice and related messages have been removed by the author's request.
Adventure 660 Another popular Adventure superset, merging Adv440 with Adv550, with some small additions and a greatly expanded collection of snide comments by yours truly.
Adventure 770 The latest version of my substantial expansion of Adv660, which ties up a number of lose ends and red herrings found in that version. Snide comments galore!
Cloak of Darkness My A-code implementation of the Cloak of Darkness demo micro-adventure. See inside for a link to implementations in other IF systems.
A-code sources A gzipped tarball acode-12.91a.tgz containing C sources of the A-code kernel and of the acdc translator, as well as A-code documentation (see a separate page for tarball contents).
Chimaera Chris Newall's unusual, "infinite" game inspired by the original Adventure. Version C1.001A, 12 May 2004.
Adventure II Peter Luckett's and Jack Pike's superset of the original Adventure (now known as Adv440), believed lost for nearly twenty years.
Original Adv550 A bit of Adventure archeology - this is the original Platt source of Adv550, plus the recently redescovered/reconstructed F77 sources of his A-code munger and executive.

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Mike Arnautov (15 April 2022)