Internet humour

WARNING: The stuff provided herein got accumulated over years, simply because it tickled my sense of humour, which in no way guarantees that it would tickle yours. Most or all of it is available elsewhere on the Net, but that's all right, I have no compulsion to be original at all costs. :-)

It goes without saying that things that I find funny sometimes reflect my views on "Life, Universe & Everything" (TM), but please note that it is not my intention to give any offence to anybody holding views different from mine.

Being what as sometimes known as a "techie", I have been known to laugh at things totally incomprehensible to normal people. To protect innocent readers from this strange variety of humour, any visiting techies are invited to visit the separate techie humour section.

Anyway... Here's a random sampling of some other humorous titbits that have come across my way over the years. Enjoy! (And if you don't I don't want to hear about it! :-)

Finally, there is a small category (a "kittygory"? :-) of tidbits which are as wise as they are amusing:

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Mike Arnautov (24 March 2020)