Some classic Fortean quotes:

Here is a small and fairly random collection of my favourite quotes from Charles Fort's books (principally from _The Book of the Damned_ and _Lo!_). They blend in equal measure profound insight and playful whimsy.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I still do!

I do not know how to find out anything new without being offensive.

The tendency that I point out is that of so often rejecting both data and an explanation, simply because one rejects the explanation.

Now the hypnosis of the classic - that what we call intelligence is only an expression of inequilibrium; that when mental adjustments are made, intelligence ceases - or, of course, that intelligence is the confession of ignorance. If you have intelligence upon any subject, that is something you're still learning.

A secret of power -
I think it's another profundity.
Do you want power over something?
Be more nearly real than it.

An opinion is a matter of evidence, but evidence is a matter of opinion.

Almost everybody has a hankering for mysteries, but it is likely to be an abstract hankering, and when a mystery comes up in one's own experience, one is likely to treat it in a way that warns everybody else that one is not easily imposed upon.

Lies, yarns, hoaxes, mistakes - what's the specific gravity of a lie, and how am I to segregate?

It's the bane of psychic research. If there be psychic phenomena, there must be fraudulent psychic phenomena.

I shall have to accept, myself, that gelatinous substance has often fallen from the sky.

Or that, far up, or far away, the whole sky is gelatinous?
That meteorites tear through and detach fragments?
That fragments are brought down by storms?
That the twinkling of stars is penetration of light through something that quivers?

I think, myself, that it would be absurd to say that the whole sky is gelatinous: it seems more acceptable that only certain areas are.

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Mike Arnautov (23 December 2016)